3D Evolution System Technology

A revolutionary and innovative software created with the combination of technical, commercial and financial experts who have a deep understanding of the full cinema production chain, from producer to consumer. It features both creativity and industrial originality, which sets it apart from any other product available on the market.

Technical specifications





Animation services

Evolution & Development offers Animation and VFX services using its highly specialized human resources and partnership agreements with the best international studios.

Thanks to this partnership, the company has the possibility to offer services related to animated works for clients from all territories of the European Union with the exception of France and Germany. The company thus enjoys a production capacity of 700 animators who have already had experience in the production of films and animated series of global productions.

Production, distribution and partnerships

Evolution & Development is very keen and open to evaluate investments in production and distribution rights for both the Benelux territories, Europe and the rest of the world. Our Goal is to invest every year in at least 5 new intellectual properties either with direct investment contributions or in kind investment.

We also invest in NFTs within the film production arena.

Side by Side


Red/Cyan Anaglyph

Green/Magenta Anaglyph