Animation VFX

Evolution & Development offers Animation and VFX services using its highly specialized human resources and partnership agreements with the best international studios.
Evolution & Development’s partnerships are with both North American and Asian companies. Evolution & Development thanks to this capacity and partnership relationship all over the world is able to offer its production services so sharing with workflows located in several different studios internationally. This process guarantees the delivery of the product on time and applies the flat fee formula by giving therefore a guarantee to the productions of avoiding any over budget issues.
The company has concluded an exclusive partnership agreement with Al Mashael Movies which in turn has an exclusive partnership with Assemblage Entertainment Private Limited.
Thanks to this partnership, the company has the possibility to offer services related to animated works for clients from all territories of the European Union with the exception of France and Germany.
The agreement is effective from January 2021 and the company thus enjoys a production capacity of 700 animators who have already had experience in the production of films and animated series of international production.